Today is a Good Day: Orange is the New Black Releases New Trailer

I settled into work, started eating my croissant and went through my morning routine of scouring the internet for the good stuff — low and behold, the new Orange is the New Black trailer was released. I don’t know about you guys, but my day is infinitely better for having seen this. It’s really gross how much I adore this show.

Here’s what you came for:


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I’m Old: Walkman Edition

Somebody thought it would be funny to introduce a bunch of kids to the dated technology that is the Walkman. I loved my walkman, I had about 5 different variations of a walkman before upgrading to the also outdated CD player. My favorite walkman was the one that recorded right off the radio, I kid you not, it had a red record button you’d slide and it would record all your favorite songs right as…

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A Waste of A Weekend, I Should be Hipster-ing out at Coachella 2014

This weekend was a complete bust (I have 3 day weekends, through no fault of my own, so don’t hate me). I had made plans to shut down the outside world and get on my grind. That didn’t happen. My cousin showed up with her 3 month old baby and spent the weekend.  Any plans I had made went to the side, as they do when people visit. I’m also angry that I’m not enjoying Coachella. I don’t have the…

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